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... quidquid agis, prudenter agas et respice finem ...

... whatever you do, do it wisely and consider the end ...

... We solve your problems ...

The MCK law firm primarily helps entrepreneurs and companies (small or medium-sized) by providing them with its extensive legal expertise that takes into account their entrepreneurial mindset and objectives.

At the MCK law firm, the client is regarded as a trusting partner and we want to build a relationship that goes beyond their legal issues.

Therefore, our services encompass a wide range of legal areas such as contractual and compliance matters, financial transactions or litigation, and things of that nature.

Furthermore, every entrepreneur is first and foremost a human being and thus, legally speaking, a 'private person'. Consequently, the law firm also offers legal advice for individuals.


 …We, at the MCK law firm, strive to offer our superior legal expertise so as to protect our clients' interests and to achieve the best legal outcome for each case brought to us. We are ambitious but also realistic in the goals that we set, which help create a lawyer/client relationship that is both stable and long-lasting.

We are committed to our clients' interests and will not compromise on the results we aim to achieve while staying within the frame of the Law. The solutions we seek to obtain are always practical, efficient and cost-effective.

Prospective clients need to bear in mind that business law is closely connected to criminal law. Indeed, the Penal Code provides for many business-related offenses and companies as much as individuals are in the scope of the Code.

Therefore, we would also help you to identify the potential criminal implications of a civil matter so as to anticipate and organize an appropriate resolution in order to prevent a lengthy and costly process. 


We have a strong German network, and thanks to our international experience, our connections abroad are also greatly developed.

Finally, we can assist you in

- German,
- Dutch, and
- English 


Member of the German Bar Association (DAV)

Member of the International Lawyers Association (IBA)

Member of the German-Swiss Lawyers Association (DSJV)

Member of the German-Dutch Lawyers Association (DNRV) 

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